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On this page you will find a series of maps that you may find useful. I have collected and converted most of them into PDF files. I feel that pdf format is a much better way to view these various map images of the Philippines.


Click on any of the map links to download these files. Feel free to save them and use them at your leisure. However, I am quite sure the respective owners would not wish for you to use them for commercial gain. So, please respect the associated copyright ownership of others' work.


If you are the owner of any of the images attached to this site, or any of my websites online, please email me with proof of ownership and copyright, and I will happily give you credit, or remove the files, at your request.


Below is a map of Bohol Province, which was originally created by E-Z Maps. It shows distances between municipalities, towns and cities throughout the province. It is quite detailed and useful for navigating throughout the province.


PDF: Bohol Map - 285KB

Copyright 2003, United Tourist Promotions (UTP)


Below is a map I pulled from a friend's Yahoo Group, Eric Douglas. I converted this map from a gif file to PDF format, for easier viewing. It shows pretty detailed information regarding the boat stations on Boracay, the resorts, and entertainment and dining locations on the island. This map is definitely worth the download.


PDF: Boracay Map - 450KB

Copyright Ownership Unknown


Off the northern coast of Mindanao, just north of the town of Balingoan, Misamis Oriental, is Camiguin Island. Below is an image I converted, 2003, E-Z Maps, of the beautiful island province. Camiguin is one of the smallest provinces in the country. It is a pear shaped island, roughly 64 kilometers around the circumference. Camiguin Island primarily known for its multiple active volcanoes and a very popular fruit which grows on the island, Lanzones. Lanzones fruits have a light brown skin and are very sweet to eat. But, do avoid biting the seed inside! There is an annual fiesta devoted to Lanzones, the island's primary export product, each year in October.


PDF: Camiguin Island Map - 238KB

Copyright 2003, United Tourist Promotions (UTP)


Below is a map of Camiguin with additional information written on it. It was originally a printed map, hand drawn. It has locations of dive sites, islets around Camiguin, and information about the island and its festivals.


PDF: Camiguin Island Map - 1,065KB

Copyright Ownership Unknown


Below is another map of Camiguin, one I believe to be an E-Z Map scanned map. So, I will assume the copyright belongs to E-Z Map, unless someone informs me otherwise. It is a good general map for viewing.


PDF: Camiguin Island Map - 324KB

Copyright 2003, United Tourist Promotions (UTP)


Below is an excellent map, originally created by E-Z Maps, which shows some of the best detail and road names available for navigating around Cebu City.


PDF: Cebu City Map - 175KB

Copyright 2003, United Tourist Promotions (UTP)


Below is a  map of Cebu Province. It shows each municipal, town, and city throughout the province, as well as mileages between each municipal, town, or city. It is a suitable map for navigating from town to town in the province.


PDF: Cebu Province Map - 166KB

Copyright 2003, United Tourist Promotions (UTP)


Below is an E-Z Map of Mactan and Olango Island, off Cebu. The map isn't very detailed, but does show each barangay on Mactan and Olango, as well as for Cordova. It also shows many resorts on Mactan, which will give you an idea as to the location of a given resort that interests you.


PDF: Mactan Island (including Cordova) & Olango Island Map - 124KB

Copyright 2003, United Tourist Promotions (UTP)


Below is one of the best maps I have found that shows the entire island of Mindanao. I converted it from a jpg image I found some time ago. Although there are many "stories" of how dangerous Mindanao is, I have never had a single issue anywhere on the island, in my years of living in the Philippines. Do note that I have traveled throughout the island extensively, having visited more than 75% of the island since 2002.


PDF: Mindanao Map - 492KB

Copyright Ownership Unknown


Below is a very detailed map of the Philippines, and a large file, for better viewing. I was able to secure this map from a friend's Yahoo Group, where it was stored.


PDF: Philippines, 1986 - 3,668KB

Copyright 1986, National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.


Below is a map showing all of the current airports in the Philippines, as well as their individual classifications. I don't recall where I found this map, but I find it to be fairly accurate. If I can locate any other maps showing similar information, I will add them to this page as well.


PDF: Philippines Airport's Classifications - 176KB

Copyright Ownership Unknown


Below are three maps of Siquijor Island, a small province to the east of Negros Oriental, and south of Cebu Province. Siquijor is about 75 kilometers around the circumference of the island, making it one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines.


PDF: Siquijor Map 01

Copyright Ownership Unknown


PDF: Siquijor Map 02

Copyright 1999 - Siquijor Province


PDF: Siquijor Map 03

Copyright Ownership Unknown


Below is a very good map of the Visayas Region (western, central, and eastern) of the Philippines. It shows most all of the towns and cities on the provinces of Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, most of Negros and Panay, and a small part of Samar, located in the Eastern Visayas.


PDF: Visayas Map - 468KB

Copyright Ownership Unknown



Would you like to learn the language spoken in Cebu and elsewhere in the Visayas and Mindanao Regions of the Philippines? If so, this is an excellent introductory book for you to begin learning the basics of Cebuano.


The book is titled Conversational English-Cebuano Made Easy, by my long time friend, and author, Cristina Canonigo. She has authored more than 100 books, to date.


An earlier version of this book, the 2001 edition, is the version I used to begin learning Cebuano when I first moved to Cebu. It was a great first book for me. I assure you, if you spend a few minutes per day with it, you will begin to learn Cebuano as well.  read more...




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