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Living In Cebu: The primary reason for this site, Living In Cebu, is to offer information to visitors who are interested in coming to Cebu to visit, or to research a possible retirement location, as many others previously have done.


I am Paul, your host and the owner of this website. I have lived in the Visayas Region of the Philippines for just over eleven years. Prior to then, I made trips to the Philippines beginning about January, 1992. Since I moved here to reside, full time, I have focused on learning the Cebuano way of life, the Filipino culture, and the language in the Visayas, Cebuano. Through the education I have obtained here, I can safely say that I am voiced concerning a number of topics concerning the Philippines, Filipinos, their country and their culture.


I make it a point to learn as much as I can, as often as I can, about these wonderful people and their way of life here. Unfortunately, I have met many expatriates who have lived here for years - some years longer than I have, but have yet to learn even a few words of Cebuano, or Tagalog (the national language) either. I couldn't fathom the thought of being here for two decades and having not learned much about the Philippines, certainly the language. Hell, I hope I am alive in twenty years! I can only imagine how much more I will know about the Philippines then.


Anyway, I own a number of other websites online, about sixty in fact, each offering information about the Philippines. Most, however, are focused on promoting my favorite part of the Philippines, the Visayas Region, more specifically, Cebu Province (and Cebu City).


If you are new to the Philippines and know little about Filipinos and their culture, you may find this to be a very interesting culture to study. I do not consider myself an expert, but I will be happy to teach others anything I have learned regarding this country and its humble citizens. Drop me a line via email, and I will reply to you as quickly as possible. Please bear in mind that I receive around 150 emails every day from my sites. Also, some emails never get to me due to strict SPAM settings that I have on my email client. If you are unable to reach me via direct email, you may contact me through the Living In Cebu Forums.


I hope this site helps answer some of your questions regarding living in Cebu.


Welcome to Living in Cebu!


Site Banner: The current image which serves as the banner for this site was taken by my friend James "Jimbo" Nelson, as he stood on the beach of Malapascua Island. His intent that day was to take images of various pump boats anchored off the coast of Malapascua Island. This photo hit the spot for me when I was browsing through his files. I hope you like it as well.


This particular photo is of a commercial pump boat, having a capacity of up to 80 passengers, anchored about 150 meters off Malapascua Island. Pump boats similar to this are typically used for daily island cruises, or possibly diving trips around the islands.


Cebu Province can be seen in the background of this particular image, so I found it to be the perfect photo to head this Living In Cebu site.


Malapascua, is a very small island of the north coast of Cebu. It is close, being a 40 minute pump boat ride from Maya, Cebu, yet still fairly remote. Electricity on the island is provided (for most areas) from 4:30PM until about 8:00AM the following morning, daily. Some individual resorts and homes may have their own generators, allowing them more time with electricity throughout the day. You will have to contact individual resorts in order to find out what each one may offer, in the way of electricity. The utility current is supplied by a series of diesel generators on the island.


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