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Hi and welcome to Living in Cebu. This is one of a number of websites I own, which offers information about Cebu City and Province. My name is Paul. I'm a "southern boy" who has lived in the Philippines for more than eight years. Cebu is the primary destination of approximately 35% of the Philippines’ foreign visitors. There are opportunities for ocean and land recreation, transportation, marketing, and tourism-related developments such as mountain resorts, luxury Cebu hotels and golf courses. Cebu’s attraction make it the Philippines’ premier tourist destination.


I consider myself very Blessed, in that I was able to move here in my early 30's. This is decades before others whom I know, who live here. Hell, most of the guys I know are old enough to be my father. I began visiting the Philippines in January of 1992, and fell in love with it shortly after arriving.


During my years here, I have gained a fair amount of knowledge about the Philippines and its people, the wonderful, humble, always happy and smiling - Filipinos. I have also come a long way in learning the language of the Visayas, Cebuano.


Even with as many who live in poverty here, I see many more Filipinos smiling, on a daily basis, than I ever saw smile in the USA. It takes quite a bit less to please Filipinos, than it would an American, by far.


Filipinos are the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life. They have taught me a lot about themselves, their culture, and their language, during my time here.


Unlike some foreigners who may promote living in the Philippines, you will find that I do not sugarcoat anything. There is both good and bad about living in Cebu, as well as elsewhere in the Philippines. I would be lying to you if I said otherwise. However, there are many more positives and good things about living in the Philippines, living in Cebu and in other areas of the Visayas, than there are bad. Besides, anywhere you choose to live in the world will have some drawbacks about it, I'm sure you would agree. After all, I don't believe anyone has found Utopia. But, the Philippines is as close as I have ever come to that fantasy land. For me, living in the Philippines... better yet living in Cebu, is the single best place in the world in which to live. Once you come here and see for yourself, I believe you will agree - after getting over the initial culture shock anyway.


If you ask for my opinion about a topic of which I am familiar, I will give it to you whether positive or

negative. I look at it like this. If you are going to take time to pull up stakes, liquidate your entire life and then move half-way around the world, you don't need someone selling you a line of garbage trying to make you feel as though everything here is peachy keen. I am not God and do not have the right to play with someone else's life. Of course, the person seeking knowledge about the Philippines should make sure they are not naive regarding the information they are taking in, either.


Make it a point to think things out and not let yourselves be wrongly influenced by the information giver either. I mean, folks, use your brain and make sure your bullshit filter is engaged, and operating, prior to believing everything that a single person tells you. Search through as many sources as possible, for the information you seek.


As I previously stated, there are negatives about the Philippines, but the positive points outweigh any negatives one-hundred to one, for me anyway. But, even with the way of life here, being immersed into a laid back and somewhat passive culture still isn't for everyone. In order for you to see if living anywhere in the Philippines is for you, I suggest locating (and digesting) as much information as possible about this country, and then come here for a visit. If we can help you locate as much information as possible, you can get a much better idea as to whether it will be for you

I hope you find the information here useful to you, as that is my goal. If I can help you gain more knowledge and information on Cebu in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.





Would you like to learn the language spoken in Cebu and elsewhere in the Visayas and Mindanao Regions of the Philippines? If so, this is an excellent introductory book for you to begin learning the basics of Cebuano.


The book is titled Conversational English-Cebuano Made Easy, by my long time friend, and author, Cristina Canonigo. She has authored more than 100 books, to date.


An earlier version of this book, the 2001 edition, is the version I used to begin learning Cebuano when I first moved to Cebu. It was a great first book for me. I assure you, if you spend a few minutes per day with it, you will begin to learn Cebuano as well.  read more...



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